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Smile on the stairs BEHIND YOU!!! I heard something? Urbex portrait Loving horse Animal relationship Kimba. Eyre Peninsula. The night time illuminated silo art on some of the town's wheat silos. Kimba. Eyre Peninsula. The rusty iron sculptures of explorer Edward John Eyre and his Aboriginal friend Wylie who helped him cross the Nullarbor Plain in 1844. Sited on a hill  outside the town of Kimba. Kimba. The rusty sculpted head of Australian explorer Edward John Eyre who explored Eyre Peninsula in 1840. Koongawa on Eyre Peninsula between Kyancutta and Kimba. The old stone original institute or hall  1920 and to the right the  War  Memorial Hall 1950. Ford Explorer Plug-in Hybrid Los Angeles County Sheriff Ford Police Interceptor Utility Los Angeles County Sheriff Ford Police Interceptor Utility andreas-2 andreas-3 andreas-4 andreas-5 andrea-1 andrea-2 andreas-4 andreas-3 andreas-1 helmuth-2 andreas-3 Toyota Land Cruiser 200  at Pamir Highway, Tajikistan, GBAO Explorer II Koongawa. The bright white stone memorial to John Darke who was killed by Aborigines in 1844 when he was exploring Eyre Peninsula for pastoral country. It was erected in 1944. Mount Dutton Bay on Eyre Peninsula. The former Methodsit Church which is now a fine residence. DSC_2795 andrea-2
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