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_MG_7019-Edit _MG_7020-Edit C955CC4F-DA29-42D1-BFD9-5F318E5C22F1 C8B25B8C-7EB4-4949-A6D5-F98A8BA746AE IMG_1428 IMG_1435 IMG_1453 Space Station Crew Returns to Earth, Lands Safely in Kazakhstan IMG_5301 IMG_5307 IMG_6094 Tin Cup_6843 “The Red River Expedition at Kakabeka Falls” by Frances Anne Hopkins / « Membres de l’expédition de la rivière Rouge près des chutes Kakabeka » par Frances Anne Hopkins Yule Quarry_6770 Overland in Colorado 2 Colorado Wildfire Smoke_6725 Rimrocker_6711 IMG_3389 51AEC846-23D5-4825-8356-756310A6BB4F Canyonlands_6658 IMG_8467 Arches National Park Camping in Carson National Forest the view from Nido de Condores, 5560m Crystal_6794 Canyonlands_6679 Canyonlands_6677 Canyonlands_6643 Petrified Dunes 20180510-190101-JWB dolfijnen vogels en wind
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