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Romano-British Dropped Flanged Bowl (view 3)

Romano-British Dropped Flanged Bowl (view 3)

The Romano-British pottery kiln excavated at Congresbury in North Somerset is one of the first to be excavated in the area in over fifty years. A blog about the kiln itself can be found here.

Analysis of the material from the excavation continues, with over 350 kg of pottery entered onto the database so far. One single context comprised 11 boxes of material – so this has kept Amy (one of our RB pottery specialists) busy for a little while!
Amy's blog about the pottery can be found here, along with a timelapse video showing the reconstruction of some of the vessels.

A large proportion of the kiln material consists of large fresh sherds and it has been possible to reconstruct sizable sections of profiles and whole pots. The establishment of a form and fabric series for the site will allow future researchers to identify trading networks in North Somerset as well as the wider region.

If you'd like to see a couple of 3D models of the kiln, you can find them here and here.

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Photo taken on 10 July 2018 (© Wessex Archaeology / Flickr)

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