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IMT 558 logo on old tracotr. Made in Ygoslavia signature Excavation Booms up Friday for a long one! Teamwork. The key that always fits. Live and act your best with your points forward. Just a reminder. Throwback Thursday—are you with us or what? Napoleon Bone-Apart Into the depths for the MetroTunnel 101518 - PLE Photos-7 27575559212 27943948945 36629654572 C1045.180713.139AM.STS La Brea Sta Tunneling.Delivery of TBM 987 Forward shield with CHP Escort.South La Brea Ave.Looking SE_2 (1) C1045.180713.150AM.STS La Brea Sta Tunneling.Delivery of TBM 987 Forward shield with CHP Escort.Intersection of So La Brea Ave and Wilshire Blvd.Looking NE_1 (1) C1045.180718.0946AM. STS at La Brea Station working on TBM front shield looking E_1 C1045.180723.0929AM. La Brea Station. View of the TBM sitting on the car passser cradle looking N_1 C1045.180721.1130a.m. La Brea Sta. Tunneling - STS lowering tail shield into shaft - view W_1 C1045.180723.112p.m. La Brea Sta. Tunneling - STS aligning tail and middle shield - view NW_1 C1045.180907.815a.m. La Brea Tunnelling - S-987 Gantry 2 - DCD pulling control wiring to the shield - view E_1 C1045.180907.507PM.STS LaBrea Sta Tunneling.TBM S-986 BL Heading.Electrician energizing trailing gear lighting on Gantries NL-8 and NL-9.Looking_1 C1078 181026 104PM MTA Location 64 Santa Fe Yard Best Contracting Services working on aluminum window frame installation in Conference RM 211 al_1 C1045.180907.957am.STS.LaBrea Station.view of both TBM%27s looking west_1 Excavation at Wilshire La Cienega Gale Yard. Street sweeping across from Gale%27s gate on Wilshire WB. View E_1 image001 image004 image002 image006 PLE1 071618 A (1)
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