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Bridal bouquet Ferns (1920) by Julie de Graag (1877-1924). Original from the Rijks Museum. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. The Pikers Lane Snow Gum Tree:     260/365 2016-09-27 Bicheno Lookout Rock 19 - Dockrillia striolata - Yellow rock orchids on rock outcrop 2016-09-27 Bicheno Lookout Rock 18 - Rock outcrop Eucaliptus Leaves B&W Eucaliptus Branch Adelaide. The Royal Adelaide Show. Gravity defying ride in side show alley. Adelaide. Wayville. The Secretary's Office of the Royal Agricultyral and Horticultural Show. The Show moved to Wayville 1925. A single storey building open by 1927. Upper floor added  later Belair. The northern Lodge House built in the early 1890s just after Belair National Park was created. [Dicotiledoneas-Myrtales-Myrtaceae] Eucalyptus s.p. 20170630 12.49.12 Hotel Formentor Radio Nature Idyll White Ash (Eucalyptus fraxinoides) with tree fern (Dicksonia antarctica) Toward the Eucalyptus Grove Eucalyptus nova-anglica leaf oil gland NT2 Hillier Gardens Tallest Eucalyptus by the sea #02 Eucalyptus by the sea #01 Eucalyptus by the sea #05 Eucalyptus by the sea #04 Eucalyptus stellulata branch NT1 Eucalyptus stellulata branch NT2 Eucalyptus stellulata bud NT2 Eucalyptus stellulata fruit NT1 Eucalyptus stellulata fruit NT3 Eucalyptus stellulata plant NT3 Eucalyptus stellulata foliage NT1 Eucalyptus nova-anglica leaf juvenile NT3
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