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Nuodeng Village Lalibela Girl The Nine Saints Banna Woman Buying a Necklace Three Young Men or Women by Utamaro Kitagawa (1753-1806), an ambiguous print of three traditional Japanese women or men dressed with colorful clothings in different styles. Digitally enhanced from our own original edition. Adigrat Boy Boys in Lalibela Village Boy Malagasy Boy Tamatave Market Cafe Man Boy in Lalibela Tigray Woman Whistleblower Lalibela Girl A Tear Escapes Makki Morning Dassanech Woman Mother and Child Tigray Girl Aksum Man Tana Street Village Girls Border, Eth/Kenya Smiling Indian baby boy on Beach Hopi Katcinas - Piokot Turkwinu Turkwinu Mana (1895) drawn by the native people from the book of Jesse Walter Fewkes (1850–1930). Digitally enhanced from the original plate. Malagasy Woman and Geyser Malagasy girls Dassanech Woman
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