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Untangling the net Fishergirl: wistful Tribal views: the Nyangatom at Kangate In the Karo village: not dancing Tribal views: Arbore people - I suspect they don't wear gourds all the time Tribal views: attachment Against the green: Ethiopian compositions: I'm waiting IMGP2236.JPG IMGP2220.JPG IMGP2215.JPG IMGP2179.JPG IMGP2178.JPG IMGP2146.JPG IMGP2093.JPG An advertiser's dream? Composition: textures and lines The Dasanech: beads and burdens Composition: herdsmen's stools 1928 Negus Tafari In the Karo village: the men jump Baboon life: a shy family Tribal views: the Mursi: I have a big plate Toothbrush, toothpick or just cigarette substitute Feed the hyaena: the pack eats The colour of Harar Tribal views Tribal views: couple in Karo village overlooking the Omo River Mursi woman with lip-plate and other adornments Against the green: Ethiopian compositions DSC_0018
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