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A woman waiting Look at what I got I hate it when I get strands of net in my mouth Fish out of water Sliced and diced Lines of beans Waiting for petrol: they must come soon: I can't face any more of your jokes Composition: Oil drums Composition: Oil drums The Borana: thinking while he walks Konso students: a bit of orange Konso students: a bit of orange An advertiser's dream? Composition: textures and lines Composition: textures and lines Composition: jerry cans The Dasanech: how many ways to carry the goods The Dasanech: family portrait? Hamer women waiting to sell their straw In the Karo village: spot the traveller In the Karo village: flirt In the Karo village: working the sorghum Baboon life Tribal views: the Mursi IMGP2178.JPG IMGP2130.JPG IMGP2118.JPG IMGP2100.JPG IMGP2087.JPG 1928 Negus Tafari
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