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IMG_5631 Ethiopia, Oromia

IMG_5631 Ethiopia, Oromia

Lake Langano

Lake Langano is 18 kilometres long and 16 km wide. The lake is drained by the Hora Kallo river which empties into the adjacent Lake Abijatta.

As it is free of Bilharzia (schistosomiasis), unlike all other freshwater lakes in Ethiopia, Lake Langano is popular with tourists and city-dwellers. The lake is brown in colour and at first sight one may think that the lake is not clean. However this is not the case, the reason for the colour is due to the richness of minerals including high sulphur levels which have led many to believe that the lake water has healing properties. There are a number of resorts around the lake and water sports are popular. There is a variety of wildlife around the lake, which include hippos (rare), monkeys, baboons, warthogs, and a huge variety of birds. The area around the lake is largely deforested, however, and a large number of herders live around the area.

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Photo prise @ Bulbula le 28 décembre 2017 (© Ninara / Flickr)

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