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Drought in Ethiopia

Drought in Ethiopia

Children and their families travel up to ten hours to get to Qacha Chalu Water Point in central Ethiopia. Across Ethiopia, millions of children are struggling to cope with food insecurity, lack of water, disease and threats to their education and safety. After two years of erratic rainfall and drought in some countries, one of the most powerful El Niño weather events for 50 years is wreaking havoc on lives and livelihoods. There is no water where these children live so they have no choice but to undertake a long and difficult journey, several times a week, with their cattle – often waiting for another eight hours in the heat to queue for pump, before making the journey home. The water is hot and salty and children drink from the same trough as their animals. Mothers report that children have diarrhoea and back pains but there is no alternative; this is the only water source for miles. Qacha Chalu Water Point, Dhebtiti Kabele, Fantale Woreda, East Shoa Zone. © UNICEF Ethiopia/2016/Ayene

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Photo prise le 9 février 2016 (© UNICEF Ethiopia / Flickr)

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