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At the bull-jumping rite

At the bull-jumping rite

Turmi, in the Lower Omo Valley, is a centre for the agropastorialist Hamer (or Hamar) ethnic group (one of the larger groups with ca 45000 members). Young men, ukuli, take part in a rite of passage, bull-jumping (ukuli bula), where they must pass over the backs of 15-20 lined up bulls, jumping from back to back.

Young female relatives show their support before this ritual by letting themselves be whipped, the harder the whipping, the stronger the support/love they are showing. A number of the women had obviously scarred backs and several were bleeding, one quite extensively, perhaps a sister.

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Photo prise le 21 décembre 2014 (© 10b travelling / Carsten ten Brink / Flickr)

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