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IMG_4548 Addis Abeba

Debre Tsion (aka Abune Abraham) rock-hewn church

My son should be carrying this sack

Mursi Boy, Mago, Ethiopia

Wolayta Boy, Ethiopia

Man in Adigrat, Ethiopia

Gourd Design, Hamer Tribe, Ethiopia

Women and children who benifit from a daycare funded by the Productive Safety Nets Program in Arsi

Lime Girl, Wollaita, Ethiopia

Hamer tribe bull jumping ceremony, Omo Valley, Ethopia

Upgrade of the nutritional labs in Debre Zeit

Watching the Action, Sof Omer

Woodcutter's Son, Kafa

Surmi Boy, Tulgit

Painted Suri Boy, Ethiopia

Oromo Boy, Ethiopia

Sabba river

On the riverbank

Off to my herd

Ethiopia: worst El Niño induced drought in 50 years

Nyangaton Boys

Surmi Children, Tulgit, Ethiopia

Giant Lobelia, Sanetti,Ethiopia

Young boys enjoy clean, piped water

A child gets a mark after polio vaccination


HIV Tetsing

Cara a cara

21 years old Yekaba with her child-Walda Woreda

women and children queue to enter eos site in school

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