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Unprocessed raw opal rock in iridescent blue Harar Hawzien walk Mursi woman (3) Livestock market The salt at Lake Asale Sunday is wash day Can you see her mother? Enjoy the colour Orthodox Ethiopian church Fatuma Mohammed, 10, is among her peers at Alula ABEC (Alternative Basic Education Center) Typical Afari portable housing used to migrate from one place to the other for greener pasture photographed Sanitation and hygiene training to South Sudanese refugees Youth Health Club Members Debre Damo (29) 05132013_ECSP_ClimateAdaptation 2.5 Hours to Class A woman waits Chencha market Camp Langano - Ethiopia 2014 Sean Sheridan Photo-94 CVT.Eritrean girls in session.Ethiopia.2015 Vet Training Ethiopian Orthodox Monastery Unicef Goodwill Ambassador Angélique Kidjo gets aquatinted with 3-month-old Bethlehem Teferi Perimeter wall of enclosure of pool of Fasiladas, Gondar (2) Dr. Peter Salama addreses the media at the Media Forum during the UN day Marabou stork flying over the Bridge of God, Arba Minch, Ethiopia Community-built Irrigation Canal APM 2013: Stuart Worsley leads a session Participants discuss at the Bio-Innovate Regional Scientific Conferenc
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