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Wolayta Farmer Gelada baboon Tigray One I built earlier Debre Tsion (aka Abune Abraham) rock-hewn church The colour of Yabelo Mursi portrait To the village On the riverbank At Turmi's Monday market My son should be carrying this sack Camp Langano - Ethiopia 2014 Sean Sheridan Photo-47 Ethiopia: worst El Niño induced drought in 50 years Nyangaton Boys Debre Berhan, central Ethiopia Mursi Boy, Mago, Ethiopia Wolayta Boy, Ethiopia Giant Lobelia, Sanetti,Ethiopia Mountain Nyala, Bale, Ethiopia Rock Church, Lalibela, Ethiopia Mural, Ethiopia Hamer tribe bull jumping ceremony, Omo Valley, Ethopia All the colours Surmi Children, Tulgit, Ethiopia Man in Adigrat, Ethiopia Gourd Design, Hamer Tribe, Ethiopia Girl, Dassanech Tribe Mobile Health and Nutrition team (MNHT), Kori Woreda (District), Afar Region A mother smiles after her child is vaccinated. 20140114-Nespresso-Bukeela-05895
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