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Вступительное слово Министра иностранных дел России С.В.Лаврова в ходе переговоров с Министром иностранных дел Эфиопии В.Гебейеху, Москва, 26 июня 2017 года Euphorbia landscape The salt at Lake Asale Addis geometry Communism Grandmother harvests DT maize NYHQ2014-3684 (Alternative Basic Education Center) Pupils at Alula ABEC Yabelo pink An Olmec head! River reflection Some friends from South Ethiopia Returning from collecting water Participants of the RMG training workshop Etiopien - Lalibela Comrade Chairman Mengistu Haile Mariam Hammer tribe woman Members of Parliament of Canada François Pilon and Peter Goldbring Three camels Members of Hygiene Club sing a song about everyday hygiene for DSG Jan Eliasson Selfie With The Suri, Kibish Participants visiting the CGIAR stand APM 2013: Shirley Tarawali and Muthoni Njiru APM 2013: ILRI Asia staff Participants discuss at the Bio-Innovate Regional Scientific Conferenc 31 years old Lubaba Assefa and her son Tewfik Jemal-Tehuledere Woreda-South Wollo Kaled Besre (4) Azage Tegegne makes an introduction to the LIVES Project Somali Refugees in Dolo Ado, Ethiopia Our flag and its alphabet neighbours at Istanbul 2012
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