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Mursi Woman Konso Woman Boys in Hawzien Hareg Tigray Farmer Gheralta Northeast Ethiopia Farmer Melese Tsegaye picking stalks of wheat in his field (Left) Hawa Yimam, 35, smiles as she holds her one-day-old son Musa Mohammed Community Plowing Farm Girl The Nine Saints Buying a Necklace Mursi Konso Generation Totem Dareshe Woman Konso Kids Saware Boys Adigrat Boy Tigray Farmer Hamar Woman in Turmi Laughing Banna Woman Banna Woman Banna Tribe Generation's Totem, Konso Some Water Konso Girl USAID_LAND_Ethiopia_2015-28.jpg USAID_LAND_Ethiopia_2015-26.jpg tree roots overgrowing the walls
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