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Mursi portrait

Mursi portrait

Mursi portrait

Jinka morning

Mursi portrait

At the waterhole

Drum and green

Herdsman demonstrates the use of the stool

Daasanech village

Omo river crossing

Daasanech portrait

Hamer young women

Hamer portrait

Watching the road

Hamer mother and child

The regard of the Nyangatom

Landscape with herd

Dallol landscape with military protection

ACGG team sampling chickens

Fasil Getachew collecting chickens to be sampled

At the livestock market

Adobe and drum

Nyangatom hut in progress

Nyangatom portrait

Program Leader Tadelle Dessie

Organising the samples

Olivier Hanotte sampling chickens

Cockerel to be sampled


Tigray landscape from the Maryam Korkor cliff-top church

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