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Dallol abstract compositions

He leads his camel

Tiya stelae

Ethiopian wolf, plateau of the Bale mountains national park

Unidentified sunbird, Debre Zeit area, Ethiopia

Yabelo pink

Yabelo quartet

Yabelo portrait

Plastic at the market

Family portrait

Omo river crossing

Hamer portrait

Nyangatom hut in progress

The daily water-run

Nyangatom portrait

Gheralta landscape

Night-time tea

Wolayta Girl

Woman and her chickens waiting to be surveyed

Between Turmi and Kolcho - landscape with acacia and clouds

Headband, necklace and miswak twig

Banna Woman

Sorry, the barbecue is for family only

The landscape of the north

One Love

Steppe eagle, Bale Mountains, Ethiopia

Child in the Konso paleta path

Hamer portrait

We're working here

Dallol landscape

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