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Women's day 007

Women's day - lunch with the school kids

Gondar's castles

Hotel room, Bahir Dar

Market Day

St. George's Church, Lalibela (2)

First aid training--Certificate recognition for the participants

Bahir Dar

Woman's run, Women's run, dancing 'Seleme seleme'

Welk'it'e workshop

Sentayeh, Mesfin, Yared, Habtamu & Teshome

Audience research comms showcase

Ape King

Simien Panorama I

Blue Nile Falls

Bahir Dar Market

Sports Day


ILRI dairy technology unit in Debre Zeyit

Ethiopian Market Seller

The colour of Harar

you know you're in africa when…

Ethiopian Church Painting

sunset IV


Taitu hotel (back)

View out of queen room of Taitu hotel (left)

Ethiopia, Eastern Omo-river

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