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Hamer tribe bull jumping ceremony, Omo Valley, Ethopia

Mequat Mariam, near Lalibela, Ethiopia

Woodcutter's Son, Kafa

Debre Damo (11)

Enjoying the Mattress, Suri Mothers

Ethiopia, Dallol, Danakil Depression

Surmi Boys, Tulgit

Mother and baby at a health post in Oromia

Discussion on Nutrition between communities and Health Extension Workers

Tesemay Tribe, Ethiopia

Mi'eso woman

Researchers from Sinana Research Centre practicing use of FEAST

St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church 7

Ear tagged cow

Kebado, Sidamo

Kuriftu Resort on Lake Hora, Debre Zeit (1)

In faithful discussion

Village Woman in Semien Mountains

Keren - Camel and livestock market

ILRI forage genebank

Camels, expedition members, monkeys on leash

Faces Helped By Charity:Water

Religious Paintings in the Church of the Monastery of Na’akuto La’ab

A priest after the blessing

Surmi Boy, Tulgit

Somali Refugees in Dolo Ado, Ethiopia

Historia Aethiopica. . .

Konga Coop Yirgacheffe

Fero Coop Sidamo


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