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Tigray Woman

Tsemay Women

Saware Woman

Pilgrims Of Ethiopia Part 5

Tigray Child

Dassanech Girl

Turmi Sunset

Beehive Maker

Hamar Woman

Wollayta Girl

Tigray Boy

Wollayta Woman

Tigray Boy (explore)

Suri Tribe

Berhan Greets a Friend

Fell out of a Tree, Hamar Tribe

Hamar Tribe

Banna Boys

Banna Woman

Karo Compound

Mursi Boy

IMG_5377 Ethiopia

IMG_5360 Ethiopia

Dassanech Woman

Dassanech Girl

IMG_5417 Ethiopia

Hamar Woman

IMG_5529 Abiata lake

IMG_5351 Ethiopia

IMG_5397 Ethiopia

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