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PuraRayco-Solon Nutrition Specialist, UNICEF ESARO

Ethiopie 2012

Wollaita Girl, Ethiopia

Orthodox Priest, Ethiopia

Street, Ethiopia

Aklil, Ethiopia

Vet Training

Mursi Girl, Ethiopia

Local flood prevention in Adama town

Girl in Jimma, Ethiopia

Interested Mursi Boys, Ethiopia

Wollaita Girl, Ethiopia

Ethiopian modern painting

Sanitation and hygiene training to South Sudanese refugees

A refugee community learns about appropriate sanitation and hygiene

Increase in education = decrease in child marriage

IFPRI researcher Shahidur Rashid with Ethiopian farmers

FAO Projects in Afar, Ethiopia

FAO Projects in Afar, Ethiopia

FAO Projects in Afar, Ethiopia

World Bank Group President, Jim Yong Kim and Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon

Girl, Ethiopia

Boy, Hamer Tribe, Ethiopia

Croc Chaos

Aklil and Dawit, Adigrat

Sierra Leone National Ebola Emergency Operations Center

Making berberi

Young boys pump clean water

Treatment at the Guinea Worm case center

Gambella region South Sudanese refugees reception centre

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