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25 most interesting from 2008 (chosen by Flickr 17/05/2017) Dodola girl Hamer women attending a bull jumping ceremony (46) Hamer women (7) Portrait of Afar guide Plastic at the market Lake Chamo wildlife Light rail line PC031240 Charcoal braziers Ethiopia Tokuma Primary School. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ethiopia: African Leadership for Child Survival Dawn caravanserai Ethiopia: hosting the most refugees in Africa Zehara Ahemed helth extention worker,  Infant and young child feeding program (IYCF) Sunset in Somali Region Lalibela Aberash Tsegaye and teacher Roman Getiye The Shirt 2 JosephKing-20131030-EthiopiaOmo-R62A7926 Sheep market in Doyogena, Ethiopia Workshop in Borana, Ethiopia Kindu Mekonnen facilitates climate scenarios at Kabe watershed group discussion Abebu Ayalew-Walda Woreda Rahmat and her baby Ne'ema Abdu-Dessie Zurie Woreda Faris Abdi in Caramara Hospital therapeutic feeding ward Ethiopia: African Leadership for Child Survival - A Promise Renewed, 16-18 January 2013. ILRI women with Ethiopian National dress mota washing hands_0046 Tim and Kims (1) Action Aid Kombolcha (28)
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