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Composition: Oil drums Composition: objects on the tukul An advertiser's dream? Nests The Dasanech in profile Tribal views: the Nyangatom at Kangate Murelle camp at the Omo River: looking down over the bend Tribal views: the Mursi: missing the lip-plate but with shell casings Laka Abaya Houses along the road El Sod crater lake panorama The people of Harar The people of Harar The people of Harar Tribal views: lip without lip-plate I don't really like drinking blood Tribal views: the Karo Against the green: Ethiopian compositions: boy looking at shoes Against the green: Ethiopian compositions: market man on a break Monks, priests and worshippers - what is she thinking? Eritrean colour Eritrean Engineer - urban decay theme Devoutly looking at his photos Look away Goatskin worn by Hamer women Waiting for petrol: when will they get here? Composition: textures and lines Come into my shop Tribal views: Arbore people: dignity Monks, priests and worshippers
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