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Abuna Yamata Guh Atsbi walk Containerville Hamadela still life Soldier and salt Dallol abstract compositions Sleeping mats and camels return from the crater Patience Sunday is wash day Taxi life The bread man cometh The road to Yirgalem Abyssinian roller (Coracias abyssinicus), Awash National Park, Ethiopia Admiring the bike (near Gesergiyo) Mursi portrait Key Afar Christmas Market portrait Lentils Collecting firewood Hamer women in Turmi market (1) Daasanach women dancing and singing (18) Daasanach women (7) Hamer women attending a bull jumping ceremony (50) Hold it steady A stick, a cane, a switch and an expression Ethiopian wolf, plateau of the Bale mountains national park Steppe eagle, Bale Mountains, Ethiopia Waterboy Local meeting At the singing well
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