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Hammer tribe woman with child Hammer tribe woman Surma Tribe woman Mursi Tribe girl Bubua (ethio-kenyan border) 2005 Otcholoï Oudite (Fejej research field camp) eth_church and woman Seated priest The water is blessed: get a bottle full or just dive in The water is blessed: the blessing A little bit of green Two women Simien mountain views Gondar's castles: Fasiladas Composition in colour and plastic an angelic ceiling Green walls and blue doors: a family Sign of Rastas Bull jumping ceremony at Turmi, Omo valley, Ethopia (Hamer tribe) Ethiopian modern painting Karo Tribe boy eth_danakil_concretions Vallée du Rift (Chew Bahir) Kalashnikov and orange hat Eglise Beta Ghiorghis 2012 Lalibela 2012 Fresh harvested tomato waiting outside for processing = Tomates fraîchement cueillies attendant en plein air leur transformation Lalibela Jinka-Banna-mannen-zoeken-kralen-uit
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