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lon_8213_45277973054_o lon_8922_44194708510_o Mursi Tribe Mursi Tribe Mursi Woman Respect to the elders. Lalibela Sacred book. Tewahedo img_9419-1_45090529515_o lon_9512_46017004071_o lon_9513_44201514780_o lon_9517_46017002971_o lon_9522_45292885024_o lon_9528_46017002031_o lon_9527_46017002341_o lon_9529_45292883944_o lon_9530_32146132728_o Secret Totems Hamar Girl Field Worker Dareshe Digging Sticks Ethiopie 1811 3645 Dareshe Tribe Dareshe Women Farm Boy Dareshe Woman Dareshe Farmer Aberra Adie (ILRI) introduces the WAT-A-GAME to farmers Participants learn WAT-A-GAME a participatory learning tool Water logging, a challenge at Chebi. Fogera, Ethiopia Gully Plugging to reduce siltation in Meja river Jeldu district, Ethiopia
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