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Nests Composition: jerry cans Tribal views: the Nyangatom at Kangate: huts and harvests In the Karo village: working the sorghum Baboon life: am I going grey? Chicken dance Marabou stork looking for food Industrialisation: and well parked too The colour of Harar The colour of Harar The people of Harar Tribal views: Arbore people Monks, priests and worshippers: my nose itches The Bana at the market: composition in browns The Banna at the market The shoes are new, the shop is not Eritrean vervet monkey Are you really foreign? Can we touch you? Ethiopia_05_0 129 The Borana: catch the colour The Borana: livestock market panorama bee-keeping in Ethiopia The people of Harar Tribal views: Arbore people Ethiopia_05_0 389 Flors ethiopia -7 Giant lobelias Cliffs near Imet Gogo Ethiopian Ibex Giant Lobelias at Chenek
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