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Key Afar market views

Cattle block the road

El Sod crater lake panorama

Boy dreaming of beer

Waiting kids in an abandoned train wagon

Koremi village (Ethiopia)

Wollayta Boy

The Dasanech: beads and burdens

In the Karo village: spot the traveller

Key Afar market views: green house

Dorze dances - in their own costumes

Tribal views: Arbore people - I suspect they don't wear gourds all the time

Tribal views: couple in Karo village overlooking the Omo River

Mursi woman with lip-plate and other adornments

Tribal looks

Feeeed me

Abstract composition: structure and Red Sea

Hanging out in Massawa's yards

Eritrean highlands

Eritrean highland view

Ethiopia_05_0 1853

Giant lobelias

Giant Lobelias at Chenek

Near Srail

Village near Mt Biela

Beta Georgis church at Lalibela


tree roots overgrowing the walls

Hamadryas baboons, Awash National Park, Ethiopia

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