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Birds of Ethiopia: pelicans can share

Enjoy the colour: woven circles

Gondar's castles

Should I invite you to share my tea?

Ethiopian colours, perhaps with toothache?

Composition: grain landscape

The signpainter had been drinkin', not me

Haile Selassie

Lines of beans

Composition: Oil drums: a Spanish flag?

The Borana: livestock market panorama

Composition: jerry cans

Come into my shop

In the Karo village: the men jump

Tribal views: the Mursi: man with an AK-47; the hair natural or a wig

Tribal views: the Mursi

Marabou stork looking for food

Industrialisation: and well parked too

Buy yours here. The next stand is, oh, just down the road

Lalibela 2012

Birds of Ethiopia

I am happy to be here

A little bit of green

Enjoy the colour: composition in oils..

Sign of Rastas

Village headgear

Werota market portrait: careful with that thing

Take any two - they don't have to match

Composition: wall and door

Composition: plant blossoms, one very popular with ants

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