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Transporting maize stalks with donkey cart near Hawassa Sadile Wolkeba weeding QPM maize demo plot on her field (Right) Sittu Awod washes her hands before feeding her 10-month-old daughter Ilham Ilham Ahmed, 10-months-old, plays as her mother attends a mother-to-mother support group held at a UNICEF-supported health post A newborn infant receives phototherapy to treat jaundice at the UNICEF-supported Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) (Left) Dr. Samir Arebo, 33, checks a newborn infant receiving phototherapy to treat jaundice A pre-term baby is kept warm beneath an infant radiant warmer Sister Munaye Esmael holds her four-day-old son Umar Abdul Shafri at the UNICEF-supported Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Orthodox Priest Serving Tea Lalibela Girl Dareshe Sunset Hamar Kids Buying a Necklace Banna Tribe Mursi Woman Cattle Camp Breakfast   (in explore) Konso Generation Totem Konso Kids Konso Village Dareshe Women Falls on Saware Rd. Tigray Boy Lalibela Boy Berhan and Kebe Tigray Farmer Boys in Lalibela Banna Woman Workers harvesting green maize Community Plowing
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