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Daasanech village

Omo river crossing

Daasanech portrait

Daasanech portrait

Boy and corral

Nyangatom hut in progress

Nyangatom portrait

The regard of the Nyangatom

South Omo starling

The view from on high

At Turmi's Monday market - walking in

ACGG team sampling chickens

Scientists Nick Spark and Mike Mcgrew joining the ACGG team

Olivier Hanotte sampling chickens

Fasil Getachew collecting chickens to be sampled

Adebabay Kebede carrying out a research survey


At the livestock market

Veterinary student Aurélia Garrigues surveying villagers

Young boy herding small ruminants

Young boy herding cattle

Dawn at Hamadela

Hamer girl

Hamer young women

Hamer portrait

Watching the road

Karo woman with calabash

Japan media members led by the Japan Center for International Exchange visit UNICEF programmes in Tigray Ethiopia.

An Old Manuscript wittien on goat skin, Bahir Dar

Saint George's Cathedral, Addis Ababa

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