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Atsbi morning

Borana woman herding small ruminants

Headband, necklace and miswak twig

Sorry, the barbecue is for family only

The Khat Experience!

Headband, necklace and miswak twig

My day has started well

At Turmi's Monday market

Arbore huts

At the bull-jumping rite

At Turmi's Monday market

At the bull-jumping rite

P6170621 Multi panel Coptic icon Ethiopia

Working the enset plant

Mursi portrait


The Kiosk

Wolayta Colours, Ethiopia

My burden

Dallol landscape

The salt at Lake Asale

Portrait: chicken to be sampled

Ethiopian Boy

At the bull-jumping rite - they wait for the ukuli

Dorze hut interior

Dorze / Gamu hut

The eye of the heron

Lake Chamo wildlife

The walk

Suri Woman, Kibish

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