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"The City is Ours" by the Tupys, rua da Consolação, São Paulo, Brazil.

Baixo Augusta got a new mural produced by the first artistic street collective of SP.

The side wall of the Casa do Baixo Augusta Building on Rua da Consolação, in front of Nossa Senhora da Consolação Parish, right in the center of São Paulo, has become the city's newest artistic panel. With 16m wide by 45m high, totaling 720 m², the mural is a work of the trio formed by Carlos Delfino, Ciro Cozzolino and Zé Carratu, plastic artists that make up the last formation of the Tupinãodá - first collective of São Paulo street, formed at the beginning of the 80's and now renamed as The Tupy.

The invitation came from the Cultural Association Academic Block of the Low Augusta, of which Zé Carratu is one of the founders.

The mural took 15 days to get fully ready.

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Photo taken @ São Paulo on 25 July 2018 (© ER's Eyes - Our planet is beautiful. / Flickr)

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