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"The Burial" by Victor Brecheret (1923), Consolation Cemetery, São Paulo, Brazil.

Victor Brecheret's award-winning sculpture "Burial" is in the Cemetery of Consolation. The awards took place at the Paris Autumn Salon in 1923 and are in Olívia Guedes Penteado's vault, with the original title Mise au Tombeau. The marble sculpture measures 2.26 x 3.65 meters, has linear forms and a melodic softness to treat the theme of burial, albeit in a formal way, evoking a climate of serenity.

We find in this work the refinement of classical art to the vigor of modern art. In the sculptural group "Burial" executed in 1923 in the Cemetery of Consolation the artist modeled the scene of Pieta (Christ and his mother) and the holy women: Mary Magdalene, Mary of Cleopas, St. Elizabeth and a fourth woman, , but perhaps an allusion to Dona Olívia Guedes Penteado.

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Photo prise @ Sao Paulo le 16 juillet 2018 (© On VAC in Bolívia & Chile - til Feb 19 / Flickr)

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