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NGC 1788 Wide Field, variant

NGC 1788 Wide Field, variant

Edited European Southern Observatory image of the area around the nebula NGC 1788. Color/processing variant. I used an HDR toning filter that really brought out details.

Original caption: The delicate nebula NGC 1788 is located in a dark and often neglected corner of the constellation Orion. Although this ghostly cloud is rather isolated from Orion’s bright stars, their powerful winds and light have a strong impact on the nebula, forging its shape and making it a home to a multitude of infant suns. This image from the Digitized Sky Survey 2 covers a field of view of 3 x 2.9 degrees, and shows that the Bat Nebula is part of much larger nebulosity.

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Photo taken on 15 March 2019 (© sjrankin / Flickr)

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