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a little return to processing. i'm supposed to be doing something else right now... oh well.

a pretty planetary nebula that seems to be a bit of a newer discovery. i was a little selective in processing the nebula separate from the stars and implemented some data from another eso telescope to increase colour contrast in the nebulosity.

kudos to Sakib for pointing this data out to me.

red: vlt/fors2 ha (FORS2.2012-07-01T05:25:13.081)
green: psuedo + ntt/efosc b#639 (EFOSC.2013-06-06T04:10:49.192)
blue: vlt/fors2 oiii (FORS2.2012-07-01T05:30:59.372)

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Photo taken on 16 January 2020 (© theantarcticsun / Flickr)

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