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AM 1914-603 (Color)

AM 1914-603 (Color)

Color added by using this ESO image under a CC BY 4.0 license. Please include ESO in the attribution if using this image, like so:
NASA/ESA/ESO/Judy Schmidt

Some processing notes: The cores of the galaxies were saturated in the ESO image, so I airbrushed over them with an approximate color. The stars were blurred/averaged and then shrunk down with a "minimum" filter so I could get just their color without the huge halo. I did some color balancing, as well. It's not ideal. It still looks pretty good, though.

Establishing HST's Low Redshift Archive of Interacting Systems

Luminosity: ACS/WFC F606W
Red: Melipal/VIMOS V (550 nm)
Green: Melipal/VIMOS B (425 nm)
Blue: Melipal/VIMOS U (380 nm)

North is 1.37° counter-clockwise from up.

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Photo taken on 16 February 2019 (© geckzilla / Flickr)

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