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Look, don't look Hi - you wouldn't believe the news... Blossoms The children wave goodbye to the tourists The donkey, the rubber and the water Keren - wood for sale, wood market Walking out of Keren Eritrean countryside: On the road from Asmara to Keren Ascent to Debre Bizen 1,500,000 photostream views Return to Barentu Return to Barentu Cathedral tower Fiat Garage Cathedral Bells Massawa at night: never too late to shop The women of Nefasit A woman of Keren Keren - infants play at the wood market Keren - women selling woven mats at the wood market Keren - Camel and livestock  market Ascent to Debre Bizen italian daily shopping Fiat garage Harnet Avenue Cathedral vegetable garden Asmara from Cathedral tower view from Cathedral tower Mosque market street
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