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Colombia. Dodge Demon '71 FAROS DEL DEMONIO Feux de démon. 1971 MOPAR Dodge Muscle car. 340  DEMON340 Eritrean Engineer - urban decay theme Devoutly looking at his photos Fill your house with furniture With these parts and a bit of glue I can build a space shuttle The shoes are new, the shop is not Street injera Eritrean highland view - the route between Massawa and Asmara Camel caravan You cannot nest on my head Composition in textiles and green Abstract composition: structure and Red Sea Ibis on sentry duty Massawa with fancy street lights I've gone gray waiting Hanging out in Massawa's yards I tell you I am the true Spider-Man. My feet stick to walls. Just give me a minute to concentrate Massawa architecture Haile Selassie's palace, complete with bullet holes and shell damage Shiro - the spicy Eritrean chickpea dish Eritrean vervet monkey Looks almost like Havana...but it's Massawa Eritrean highland view - the route between Massawa and Asmara I'm just resting Proud of his job I've had a really tough day. Don't mess with me - I'll suck your blood Waiting kids in an abandoned train wagon Eritrean boy in Nefasit Keep your eyes off the foreign men child
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