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Africa's coolest building? Fiat Tagliero Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's an Art Deco gas station View over Keren from the fort Camel market Eritrean bird Eritrean child - smile Eritrean highland view with euphorbia Tanks destroyed in the war New_ERI_032003_04_WFP-Evelyn_Hockstein-Polaris Eritrea_003_LGS_WFP-G_Votano Eritrea_003_LGS_WFP-Brenda_Barton Eritrea_002_LGS_WFP-G_Votano Eritrea_001_LGS_WFP-Thierry_Geenen Eritrea 1936 Ubique - remembering Somaliland Assab-Obock - thirty-eight Assab-Obock - thirty-seven Eritrean elder Keren colourful shoppers Bored camels entertained by passing goat The other way or I hit you again Two way traffic Special price if you take the lot Are you sure? OK, now take one without the toothpick Euphorbia close-up Blooming euphorbia Euphorbia close-up An Eritrean sugarloaf? Christina Hallström - Atlas 01
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