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Gracias Orazio Satta por ayuda a identificarlo, SEAT 850 Especial  Madrid Barrio Fuente del Berro 9.9.8.MAD    100 Mother and son in southern Eritrea Colombia. Dodge Demon '71 FAROS DEL DEMONIO Feux de démon. 1971 MOPAR Dodge Muscle car. 340  DEMON340 Eritrean Engineer - urban decay theme Fill your house with furniture Street injera Haile Selassie's palace, complete with bullet holes and shell damage Shiro - the spicy Eritrean chickpea dish Washington tightens the screws on Sudan UN warns of worsening conditions in Darfur Border Country | Rogue State Dodge 3700 (GraciasHugo90) España Mopar 5MAD201 3700 DART ¿71? man in a refugee camp bar Devoutly looking at his photos With these parts and a bit of glue I can build a space shuttle The shoes are new, the shop is not Look away Composition in textiles and green Abstract composition: structure and Red Sea Ibis on sentry duty Men doing business or just looking at the calorific value of water I've gone gray waiting Hanging out in Massawa's yards Massawa architecture Eritrean vervet monkey Looks almost like Havana...but it's Massawa Grizzled train-man Proud of his job Eritrean boy in Nefasit
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