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Eritrea Dancing Party trip on the Railroad Theatre, PX, barracks View from HQ Tramway, Asmara to Masawa Asmara mosque Eritrean house, barn, or shelter Looks very official House by the side of the road Return to Barentu SECRETARY-GENERAL VISITS ERITREA Asmara from Cathedral tower view from Cathedral tower Somaliwildesel (Equus africanus somalicus) Abraham, station houseboy Cactus, village, and mountains British restricted area Desert hunting camp Nice house Beautiful home Native houses Asmara 1940s Asmara 1940s I need to keep my hands free Keren - infants play at the wood market Keren - Camel and livestock market Keren -  hide and seek Eritrea demonstration II
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 africa, asmara, portrait, people, woman, travel, market, hornofafrica, hijab, keren
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