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The Nda Mariam Orthodox Church in Asmara President Riyale They only know how to kill and not how to cure Ethiopia, Al-shabab, Eritrea and starvation are all like hyenas eating peace by peace Somali public Al-Shabab, President Sharif Ahmed, Somali people, Hassan Dahir Aweys Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin) President Sharif Ahmed Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin), President Sharif Ahmed Eritrea Dancing M.C. Eritrea Dancing Eritrea Dancing Mendefera Public Library BEN_8082 BEN_7996 BEN_7981 מעוני סיני, מבקשים מקלט BEN_7963 BEN_7958 DSC_7644 DSC_7634 DSC_7609 Somalia is world's free zone dumping. Why should there be a government for the Western nations looking for free dumping zone? President Sharif's large delegation leaving Somalia President is holding a plane and describing how he enjoys when it takes off while Al-Shabab are fighting on the ground and watching him. Sharif Ahmed should be told to stay Somalia fight against Al Shabab and to limit  his never ending flights. President Sharif Ahmed  and Hillary Clinton President Sharif, Xisbul Islam,Shabab and Ahlu Sunnah President Sharif sitting on chair on piles of money President Sharif and Aweys and Al-Shabab President Sharif Ahmed, AMISOM, Hassan Dahir Aweys, Al-Shabab Minister from Sharif's government
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