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Engineering Nefasit II

Keren - infants play at the wood market

Ascent to Debre Bizen

Haile Selassie's palace, complete with bullet holes and shell damage

Looks almost like Havana...but it's Massawa

Bob Woodley and friend

Central mosque, Masawa



Asmara mosque

Italian residence

Mountain highway

Asmara 1940s

Railroad, Asmara to Masawa

Asmara 1940s

Asmara 1940s

Views from the train

Keren - hide and seek

Harnet Avenue

view from Cathedral tower


office entrance with Kellogg's logo

Modka cafe

view from apartment

United Nations Mission in Eritrea and Ethiopia (UNMEE)

Gracias Orazio Satta por ayuda a identificarlo, SEAT 850 Especial Madrid Barrio Fuente del Berro 9.9.8.MAD 100

Camel caravan

Men doing business or just looking at the calorific value of water

Composition in blue

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