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This is a photo of the wind sculpture outside the library. It has been here since we opened and I have always loved it and sometimes when the wind was howling been a little scared of it imagining the blades twirling off like some sort of crazy metal blender.

I really do not have much more to add today, its a pretty standard Monday, not really anything special going on so will talk about the things I am excited for this year. Going back to Tennessee to see mom and hopefully my Aunt Angela and Bruce in June ( yes June I am insane) and then going to see seeing the play Unto these Hills put on in Cherokee North Carolina, a trip to Kenya in October with Barb and several friends for 2 weeks, and really just trying to enjoy this year as the shadow of my fathers passing slowly lightens on my heart.

DO you have anything your looking forward to this year?

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Photo taken on 13 January 2020 (© Jonathan W / Flickr)

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