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Shows a Sri Lanka AF airman how to operate a mission crew workstation aboard a P-8A Poseidon 190221-N-JO908-1209 190221-N-JO908-1251 190219-N-JO908-1125 U.S. and Thai sailors participate in an Exercise Cobra Gold mine detection training. 190124-N-JO908-1066 181003-N-VR594-1042 180918-N-QL471-1090 170725-N-ON977-0112 170725-N-ON977-0127 U.S. Navy and Royal Thai Navy sailors train during Exercise Cobra Gold 2019. 190122-N-VR594-1309 181129-N-VR594-104 181128-N-JO908-1070 181127-N-JO908-1006 181127-N-JO908-1118 181003-N-VR594-1065 Sailors participate in a closed-circuit rebreather certification course. British Royal Marines and III MEF Marines conduct VBSS training on Guam Sailors recover a combat rubber raiding craft from a patrol boat during an exercise. 171129-N-CW570-0002 171129-N-CW570-0111 U.S., ROK service members conduct close quarter battle tactics, techniques and procedures aboard Naval Base Guam 171127-N-TR141-0218 171003-N-AP360-0200 170725-N-ON977-0112 170720-N-ON977-0068 170720-N-ON977-0074 170721-N-ON977-0005 170722-N-ON977-0067
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