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171128-N-OW019-024 171115-N-CL027-074 Sailors train to use a chart  and compass to plot their location. 171021-Z-DP681-1025 171128-N-OW019-005 171128-N-OW019-012 171128-N-OW019-056 171128-N-OW019-057 171129-N-CW570-0002 171129-N-CW570-0038 171129-N-CW570-0111 U.S., ROK service members conduct close quarter battle tactics, techniques and procedures aboard Naval Base Guam 171127-N-TR141-0218 171127-N-TR141-0278 Pilots prepare to take off from flight deck. U.S., ROK Navy personnel tour the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 5 aboard Naval Base Guam 171115-N-CL027-059 Missouri National Guard MN MIWEX 171024-N-SK327-2018 171024-N-SK327-2042 171024-N-SK327-2068 171021-Z-DP681-1041 171021-Z-DP681-1044 171021-Z-DP681-1046 171021-Z-DP681-1054 171021-Z-DP681-1060 171021-Z-DP681-1067 171021-Z-DP681-1072 171021-Z-DP681-1087
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