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Milwaukee Navy Week. Wyoming National Guard New York National Guard 180526-Z-WA217-1068 180526-Z-AW217-1007 Talon-EOD-robot--Independence-Day-2018-IZE-136 sikorsky h-60 sikorsky h-60 sikorsky h-60 sikorsky h-60 180808-N-BV658-1223 180806-N-BV658-1235 Bomb Squad K-9 at the Buggy Derby Bomb Detection K-9 Alley New York National Guard 180702-N-OO032-1158 180626-Z-DP681-1007 180626-Z-DP681-1012 180626-Z-DP681-1016 180626-Z-DP681-1041 180626-Z-DP681-1045 180626-Z-DP681-1054 180626-Z-DP681-1116 180626-Z-DP681-1119 Lt. j.g. takes photos of a mortar during a training exercise. 180526-Z-WA217-1034 180526-Z-WA217-1074 Sailors and Marines conduct a mock EOD sweep aboard the USS Wasp sikorsky h-60 sikorsky sh-3
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