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190122-N-VR594-1309 Illinois and North Dakota National Guard Kansas and North Dakota National Guard 190118-Z-WA217-1113 190118-Z-WA217-1140 Massachusetts National Guard Sailors participate in a roadway cleanup event in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia 190107-N-JO908-1132 190105-N-JO908-1087 U.S. Navy Diver waits on a diving stage during a two-hour decompression stop after diving to 240 feet U.S. Navy diver controlled ascent An Aircrew Survival Equipment man steers his parachute while preparing to land during military free-fall training in Santa Rita 181129-N-VR594-104 Sailor and a member of the Palau Bureau of Public Works recover a shell fragment from World War II-era Japanese. EOD-Team Tunnel Vision 190124-N-JO908-1066 Illinois and North Dakota National Guard 190118-Z-WA217-1126 190118-Z-WA217-1131 190118-Z-WA217-1137 190118-Z-WA217-1166 190118-Z-WA217-1191 180505-F-oc707-510 Algemeen - Defensie EOD (Explosieven Opruiming) Algemeen - Defensie EOD (Explosieven Opruiming) THERE WAS AN INCIDENT IN SMITHFIELD TODAY [THE ASSISTANCE OF THE BOMB DISPOSAL UNIT WAS REQUIRED]-146330 181128-N-JO908-1070 181127-N-JO908-1006 181127-N-JO908-1118
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