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U.S. Navy Sailors swim with Sri Lanka navy divers. 1 EOD Regiment RLC, with Fire Service Rescue Crew and a CUTLASS Remote Controlled Vehicle Soldiers Conduct Improvised Explosive Device Training During Exercise Alaska Shield 160419-N-WT427-072 US and Sri Lanka Navy Personnel Conducting Joint Diving Exercise Near Guam 160414-N-ON977-205 160401-A-SO352-001 160401-A-SO352-004 160401-A-SO352-008 160331-N-GO855-017 160331-N-GO855-053 160325-N-GO855-007 160325-N-GO855-080 160324-N-GO855-018 160324-N-GO855-046 160325-N-GO855-096 160216-N-CN059-064 160217-N-CN059-186 160214-N-CN059-034 160214-N-CN059-211 160202-Z-TL617-002 160202-Z-TL617-006 160202-Z-TL617-012 160202-Z-TL617-015 160202-Z-TL617-019 160202-Z-TL617-026 160202-Z-TL617-028 160202-Z-TL617-029 160202-Z-TL617-030 160202-Z-TL617-031
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