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UP 733 ETS 10-9-18 GP38N

UP 733 ETS 10-9-18 GP38N

Union Pacific # 733 (NOT Y733, that is a different locomotive...), an EMD GP-38N, pulls a gondola drag south on the company's Martinez Sub-Division, on Track 4 of the Emeryville Train Station in Emeryville, CA. Taken by a Rolleiflex T with a Tessar 75mm ƒ 3.5 on Fomapan 400 120 film.

Scanned into computer with an Epson V700, with the Epson software. Why this negative scanned as slightly sepia toned while the prior shot, scanned on the same day, with the same settings, from the same strip of film, went colder; is not within poster's knowledge! (note: scanned as color negative, but so was the other usable negative on the strip... [which went cold to neutral] )

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Photo taken @ Emeryville on 9 October 2018 (© THE Holy Hand Grenade! / Flickr)

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