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Eastern Pondhawk at Elm Lake On the Nose Green Slimed Bride of the Monster Gators and Ducks, Oh My! Showing Off Those Pearly Whites Froggie Went a-Boating Primevalness Getting Close to the Wildlife Walking thePlank Early Spring in Brazos Bend Cypress Knees in Elm Lake Floater Catching Some Rays Wade in the Water I Am Gator, Hear Me Roar Fall Foliage, Brazos Bend Style No Pushing, No Shoving, No Running Elm Lake Sunday Fall Foliage, Brazos Bend Style Elm Lake Coot Floater Impaled Everything's Ducky A Bit of Color to Go With Your Fall Tricolored Heron in Elm Lake Catch of the Day Hot Pursuit Water Grackle Anyone for a Swim?
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